Local Love Themed Adventures


Now...love is a complicated subject that should require as many different words as Eskimos have to describe snow.

One of the things that the Buffalo team loves, is our town. We love it’s pace and we love all the things it has to offer those seeking to possibly discover something new for them to love.

Because the theme at Buffalo for the month of February is love. We wanted to curate a list of love related things to do in our fair city. We hope you enjoy our suggestions and we encourage you to let us what you love in this playground we call Sactown!


The Buffalo Loves a Bit of Theatre

Slow yourself down. Feelin' the matinee at 2 pm or the 8 pm show for Slow Girl. Slowgirl is the story of a teenager who flees the United States to her reclusive uncle’s retreat in the Costa Rican jungle to escape the aftermath of a horrific accident. The week they spend together forces them both to confront who they are as well as what it is they are running from.


Feeling Romantic?

Take your date for the 8:30-10:30 pm Diego Frias show at Mayahuel. Sample tequilas---don't over do it. Taste them. Trip your senses and let Diego's music wash over your evening. "Embrace the beauty and passion" of Senor Ernesto Delgado's vision of his culture. See the world through Ernesto's eyes at 1200 K Street.

We highly encourage you to show yourself some love and get out and roam the town. When you show yourself some love, it helps you to love others more deeply. Go share a slice of the pie with someone, and discover a new love out on the town.