What the Hell are Sactown Saturdays?!


Historically speaking, Sacramento hasn't really had much going on since the gold rush started in 1848. Well, the second most notable event was when this burgeoning city was christened the capital of California in 1854.

Since then it’s held a pretty benign existence as a government/cow town. Not super exciting. That is, until now!

These days, Sacramento has exploded onto the national scene as one the most livable cities in America. From the Farm-to-Fork movement, to all the Bay Area tech, defecting to greener pastures and more affordable rents and a better quality of life, this city has pushed its way into a whole new state of being.

Every Saturday, we’ll post a list of local activities to encourage you to emerge from your comfort zone, and venture out to discover all of the amazing things this city has to offer. Sactown Saturdays seeks to help your inner Buffalo roam, and wants to act as your guide around this humble little hamlet we call Sactown, towards a night out that rivals any big city adventure.

So, enough of the hype, let's start with this weekends prognostications!

With today being Groundhog day, we encourage you to honor Punxsutawney Phil and find your shadow by starting with the morning revelry of ordering our infamous Groundhog Breakfast Pizza (available in Vegan options, too). Puxi Phil himself, would be proud.

After you’ve crushed your breakfast, with Sacramento's one and only purveyor's of breakfast pizza, party like it's 1887 (when Groundhog Day was first officially celebrated) by gathering your herd at any one of our local watering holes for a ground hog crawl to end all crawls.

Now, you can start at your favorite "Pint Palace" or explore a carefully curated Buffalo fare that lands in our very own neighborhood, in a brunch style crawl on Broadway, to celebrate Groundhog’s day and keep the Phil-osophical Ph-estivitites going (yes the puns keep on coming).

Now, If you had the inclination to invite US along for the journey, we’d suggest the following locally sourced, Broadway-style pilgrimage:

Start your journey at Bike Dog Taproom at 9th and Broadway. Their take on hop laden, pint sized flavor, that is nothing short of well-rounded mouth feel and brain altering chemistry. After you've downed a flight of Bike Dog’s finest, make your way on over to 14th & U streets, where you can make your presence known at Urban Roots Brewery. They'll help you continue the tradition of consuming some of the best new brews in Sactown, and help you continue to move your pallet in a local direction.

Once you've discovered all their liquid wears grab a jump bike (If you're sober enough) or just stagger on over to Dave Gull's, New Helvetia Brewing Co. There you can try the Buffalo craft lager, which is sure to make you feel lager than life.

At this point, If you're still on your feet, head up to Franklin Blvd to grab a pint or cup at Pangaea Bier Cafe. This intimate and inviting space is the perfect place to either push yourself to fall on your face with yet another epic alcoholic selection or take the high road and sober up with the intense flavor of freshly roasted caffeine. Either way, you have finished off your night with a winning tour of some of the best local liquid offerings imaginable.

Post pics of your Groundhog Day "shadow journey" along with your latest Groundhog Breakfast Pizza (vegan or traditional) and our social media team will make sure you're entered to win some mouth-watering prizes and edible schwag.

For more insights into Groundhog Day, and where partying like Punxsutawney Phil came from in in the Dutch Pennsylvanians, check out this awesome article from National Geographic.